Your Psychic Abilities Personal Development Plan

Psychic Abilities Personal Development Plan (1)

I’m sure you’ve seen movies where the character has a head injury and wakes up in the hospital with psychic abilities, but is a catastrophic brain injury the only way to become psychic?

Psychic Abilities Personal Development PlanPsychic Abilities Personal Development Plan

I’m willing to bet there are at least a few of you willing to induce a traumatic brain injury if it means you can be psychic after the swelling goes down.

After all, think of all the money you’ll make as a famous TV psychic and helping the police solve crimes. You know what they say—no pain, no gain.

Then again, there’s the chance that you’ll end up in adult diapers for the rest of your life. Surely, there has to be a way to improve intuition without doing yourself bodily harm.

How To Develop Psychic Abilities

“Whether we wish to acknowledge it or not, all of us have psychic forces. Whether we want to develop them or not is a different question.”

Edgar Cayce

Have you ever experienced foreknowledge of something without knowing how you knew? What about déjà vu? Both are examples of psychic ability, but it’s common to dismiss it as women’s intuition.

Many people throughout life have flashes of psychic ability, and when I say flash that’s exactly what it is. It may be so brief that you can usually dismiss it or talk yourself out of it.

A dream or daydream may give you a miniscule moment of knowledge about the future. How about those few times when you knew exactly what to do in an odd situation or when a series of events came together in such a way that you knew exactly what you were meant to do?

These are psychic experiences and you can have them regularly. It’s possible! By meditating, you can build up your psychic muscles like any other part of your body, but remember it’s a process like anything else you want to achieve. Here’s how–

The Psychic School

1. Journal

The mind plays tricks on you. How you remember things and how they actually happened are two different things, so write down events as they happen. When you read it at a later time, you’ll realize that you did see it coming but just didn’t have faith in your ability.

2. Meditate

How can you hear your inner voice over the noise of your monkey mind? Meditation quiets the endless chatter. Don’t say you can’t because you can. Have you ever zoned out on the drive home from work and not remember actually driving? If you can do that, you can meditate.

3. Eat High Vibration Food

All the foods we eat–plant and animal–have their own energy signature. Some will enhance your intuition and others will block it. Consume foods and beverages with a high vibration.

4. Find a Mentor

No one said you had to do this alone. I found my mentor at a local psychic festival. Never knew there was such a thing until I looked for it. She was able to recommend a course of study to me.

5. Open Your Third Eye

This is not a physical eye but a clarity of vision that’s reached with the right energy. The third eye can be directed inward or outward and lets you see beyond the normal limits of your perception.

Tap Into Psychic Abilities

The current trend toward mindfulness asks us to be in the moment and experience now, but what you learn from the The Psychic School’s Clairvoyant Meditation 101 course is that the mundane—mindlessly doing things out of habit—is when the magic happens.

You’ve read about the example of driving home. Disengaging part of your brain is why some people read tea leaves or gaze into a crystal ball. The tea leaves don’t line up to spell out the future, and there’s nothing metaphysical going on inside the crystal ball. When you do these types of mindless activities, you disengage left-brain functions–monkey chatter. You can have a psychic moment as you wash dishes or do the ironing.

To give your right brain more opportunities to be dominant, try drawing with your non-dominant hand. This confuses the analytic left brain. The right brain is good at recognizing patterns and non-linear information so you may want to get yourself a crystal ball after all. I hear tarot and oracle cards work well for giving it a workout too.

You may start working on your psychic abilities as a tool for decision making, but find it’s also about self-discovery. The result is a more lucid state of being.

Check out the The Psychic School’s Clairvoyant Meditation 101. It’s a free 2-hour class that will teach you meditation tools to unlock your abilities and the processes involved in psychic development among other things. Even if you don’t continue with the foundational courses, you’ll be able to download an MP3 of the free class. It’s down to earth and informative. If you feel like you’re being lead to it, it’s because you are.

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