How To Use Crystals for Manifesting

Crystals for Manifesting
Whether you are interested in divination or simply using a few tools to improve your vibrations for manifesting, crystals are a great place to start. While you can definitely manifest without the use of crystals, it does help to connect to the universe and increase your energy’s potential. Here are some ways to use crystals when you are manifesting.

Healing Crystals

Charging Crystals for Manifesting

The main way to use crystals for manifesting is to actually charge the crystals with what you are trying to manifesting. This is a way of inserting the energy of the manifestation into the crystal, programming it with your intentions. The best way to do this is under a full moon, though a new moon can also work. Say your manifestation out loud while holding that crystal under a full moon, then leave it out to charge under the full moon until day breaks the next day.

Using Crystals for Meditating

If you don’t want to go through the process of charging it under a full moon, you can use crystals while meditating and visualizing your manifestations. Try to at least cleanse the crystals of their old energy with some water or a sound bath, then hold them while you meditate to set your intentions. Think about what you are looking to manifest as you hold onto that crystal, and keep holding it throughout the entire meditation.

Having Crystals Set Up During Scripting

Scripting is a very popular way to manifest what you desire into your life. It is easy to do and doesn’t require anything other than being able to envision what you want, then writing it down in great detail. You can have crystals in front of you while you script to enhance the experience. The great thing about this method is that you can use any crystals, and they don’t always have to be charged. Just having them near you increases your energy, especially if they contain natural properties of what you want to manifest.

Once your crystals are charged with manifestations, you can bring that energy with you by carrying the crystals or wearing jewelry with crystals. This helps to raise your vibration, and every time you see that bracelet or necklace with the charged moonstone or amethyst, you are brought back to what you are trying to manifest. That reminder makes you think about what it will be like to manifest it, and it is like a way of continuously raising your vibration towards it.

Healing Crystals


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