How to Read Tarot Cards Intuitively

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Reading tarot cards always includes a combination of intuition and understanding what the cards could potentially mean, but some people choose to read more intuitively than others. This means while you may know the typical definition of a tarot card, you use your intuition about what it is saying in a particular spread.

Here are some tips to start reading tarot cards more intuitively.

Developing Your Intuition to Read Tarot Cards

If you want to read tarot cards intuitively, it starts with knowing and trusting your own intuition. It can be easy to overthink, and confuse actual intuition and what you see in the cards with your own imagination and what you think you want it to mean. This is where strengthening your intuition comes in.

An easy way to start strengthening your intuition is with meditation. Just do some deep breathing for a few minutes every day, try to clear your mind, and remain as mindful as possible while you meditate. You can also listen to certain frequencies of sound on YouTube, which you may find by searching “music for meditation”.

With cards specifically, strengthen your intuition by first meditating on the cards before you begin, then pull out 3 cards, and write down the very first thing you thought of when you saw each card. Just your initial impression. What did you see first? What did you feel? What were you thinking?

Learn the Cards First

Even people who read tarot cards intuitively will learn at least the basic meanings of the cards. You know that the Death card is the end of a cycle, the Fool card is about taking a chance on something new, and most Cup suits are more about emotions and feelings. Learning these meanings helps you tap into your intuition, because you can then interpret them as a spread and with what your gut is telling you.

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It is up to you if you also want to learn the reversals, though keep in mind this is optional and many tarot card readers don’t pay attention to reversals. You can learn the basic meanings in the upright first, then decide later if you will intuitively read the reversals as well.

Ways to Use Your Intuition with Tarot

There are many different ways to use your intuition with tarot cards, not just reading and interpreting them. The first way is when it comes to choosing which deck to use. If you have multiple tarot decks, you might feel more drawn to a certain one, so that is definitely an internal voice you should listen to.

You might use your intuition when it comes to where to split the deck, what card to pull out, what images you see on cards, what you feel inside when you look at a card or a spread.

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